How to Browse Free Internet with handler vpn - easy setting

Nowadys most of people are online surfing internet using computers or smartphones and users on smartphone is in increase more than users on computers or LapTops because it's light in weght and available all the time in hand.
Surfing internet in most cases is costing money daily plan, weekly plan or monthly. But if there's a way any way that can be used for browsing free internet without paying for sure will great.. YEP ...
Here is a way to browse free internet without paying money specially for smart phone users with ZERO BALANCE.

Using vpn application to hide your IP address is the most popular on internet activities and many people use vpn just for that purposes, and they don't know that they can use it to browse free internet.
In this post I'm going to show you how to use vpn apps especially handler vpn apps to browse free internet
depending on your ISP [Internet service provider] some of ISP provide their website free for their customers you can browse these websites free with ZERO BALANCE on your SIM card, so you can use that website on one of these handler vpns and browse other website such as Youtube Facebook with free internet as if you are browsing your ISP's website.
Some ISP provides free services such as Wikipedia, zero Facebookm, Whatsapp ..etc etc so you use any free service that provided by your ISP I prefer it is faster in connection and browsing.

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Handler vpn Setting:

Setting handler vpn to browse free internet is very easy you just need to follow these steps:
setting above handler VPNs isn't different, all of them work with the same setting but the differences are on their performance, connection and stability.
After installing the handler vpn app on your phone, open it,
Tick remove port in proxy type: chose Dual Real Host in Custom Header: leave custom header as it is; [X-Online-Host] and prxy server: Here I used as you see in the screenshot you can use the same address if it's provided free by your ISP.
In real proxy type chose socks. leave other setting as they are and press save.

psiphon pro lite handler vpn

In next step chose tunnel whole device.

psiphon pro lite tunnele whole device

Then in the next step (Handler attempts to create a vpn connection)
tick OK I trust his application.

handler vpn pro lite attempts to create vpn connection

A few seconds and the app will connect to the internet and you will see a key on your phone's notification.

psiphon pro lite handler vpn connected

Now you can browse internet free without money

Handler vpns:

Handler vpn apk Download links: