Yo Whatsapp 19.50.0 apk [29 September] New update 2022 latest version Anti Ban

YoWhatsapp update apk 19.50.0

YO WhatsApp Download latest version 19.50.0 APK update for android devices (no ads - ads free), official whatsAapp messenger apk alternative with much desired new features available for users around the world. Anti Ban new YOwhatsApp update 2022 mod version is released to update the former version yowhatsApp 17.40 apk, it can be used on one device with other whatsApp mod mobile apps as GBwhatsApp Pro App with different whatsApp folder and data for each app

YoWhatsApp apk known as (YOWA) is not found on google play store, but you can download it from the links we provided below, the most recent update or you can chose the old version YOwhatsApp v11.10.1 download apk provided too.

Note this before you go to download yowhatsapp 19.50.0 apk, this apps is an android mod apk modified version for the official whatsapp messenger developed by Yousef Al-Basha, so if you do not prefer to download yowhatsapp mod apk and install this version on your device you can use the normal app from the play store.

GB whatsapp update 2022: GB WhatsApp 19.50.0 [29 September] update Download 53 MB latest version

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Yo WhatsApp 19.50.0 New update version Features

Yo WhatsApp apk now is distributed among on all android mobile users and getting more reputation with its flexibility, functions and awesome features over the other whatsapp mod.

Yo Whatsapp 19.50.0 update 2022 - Top Features:

  • Hide last seen and make it invisible for other users
  • Block the incoming call from any of your contacts and friends if you got annoyed from any of them
  • YO whatsapp password lock - a built-in feature for more privacy and security
  • Hide view status while enabling it for yourself on YoWhatsApp apk new update
  • Watch stories and video statuses even if they are already deleted with Anti-Delete Status feature
  • DND mode - do not receive or send messages (Do Not Disturb)
  • Hide or show Blue Ticks on YoWhatsApp latest version
  • Send messages to an unsaved number
  • Personalize yowhatsapp user interface by color and text customization
  • Many file types are supported - zip, apk, dif, tar
  • Send up to 700 MB on files transfer - reasonable amount of file size

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YOwhatsApp update apk 2022 Download - info:
Name YO whatsApp 2022 update
Version 19.50.0
WhatsApp Base
Language over 40
Apk Download 67.95 MB
Package Name com.yowhatsapp
Required Android 4.1 +
Updated status Latest yowhatsapp
Last Updated 29 September 2022
Developer Alexmods
License Free YOwhatsapp apk
Price Free download + install
Google Play N/A

What are differences between YOWhatsApp and WhatsApp plus?

There are no much differences between both versions, YOWhatsApp apk and WhatsApp plus apk because all of them are official whatsapp messenger modified version by the same developer but they may have a miner differences from the official whatsapp in settings and preferences beside the locking mode on both, new Yo whatsapp apk 2022 update and the latest whatsapp plus apk

Most users consider YO whatsapp to be better than other whatsapp mod apk published by developers, AZ whatsapp, OGwhatsApp, FMwhatsapp and so on. Whe download YOwhatsapp 2022 apk update version and install it on your Android device and see all the features in this mod, you will stick on it and abandon any whatsapp app.

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How to install YOwhatsApp 19.50.0 apk latest version 2022 update

This whatsapp mod version, (YOWA) YO whatsapp 19.50.0 will conflicts with any already installed whatsapp app on your android device and yo will see this message (YOwhatsapp not installed) when you have another whatsapp app installed and running on your mobile which make you able to have a multiple whatsApp accounts on one single device with different phone number running at the same time.

If this is your first time to install this app, follow this steps:

  • Download YOwhatsApp_update_v19.50.0.apk file from below
  • When YOwhatsApp_update_v19.50.0.apk download finished, click to install
  • If prompt for permission, Unknown Source Installation, give it and proceed
  • wait a few seconds while YOwhatsApp_update_v19.50.0.apk file being installed on your device.
  • When setup is completed, click start to launch YOwhatsApp app
  • provide your phone number, confirm it OK to get whatsapp verification code message
  • verify your phone then add your name.
  • You are ready to muse YOwhatsApp on your Android device with full features

If this is not your first time to install YOwhatsapp app, follow this steps:

  • Download YOwhatsApp_update_v19.50.0.apk file
  • Wait file to be fully downloaded
  • Click to install
  • Wait a few seconds to let installation process completed
  • when finished, click to start the app
  • Now you have full YOwhatsApp 2022 update on your device and ready for use

If you have another different whatsapp version and you want to use YOwhatsApp instead, follow this steps:

  • Download new YOwhatsApp_update_v19.50.0.apk file
  • Make sure it is fully Downloaded on your device
  • Do not Install YOwhatsApp apk you might receive this (app not installed) if you tried to install it
  • Go to the other whatsapp version that you want to substitute with YOwhatsApp app
  • open the app and make chat Backups (this step to keep all your conversation)
  • Uninstall this version og whatsapp app
  • Go to SDcard/Android/WhatsApp rename WhatsApp folder to YOwhatsApp
  • Install YOwhatsApp apk you have already Downloaded before
  • Wait a few seconds while YOwhatsApp is being installed
  • After YOwhatsApp installation completed, click to launch the app
  • Provide yor phone number which you used on the whatsapp app that you have just uninstalled from your device
  • Confirm it is correct
  • Get the verification code and verify your ownership
  • Restore your previous messages from backups Do not Skip this
  • Your all Conversions will restored
  • Completed the process and enjoy YOwhatsApp 2022 update on your Android

yowhatsapp download 2022 new version 19.50.0

The following yowhatsapp apk in the list is an old version works on android devices running on android OS 4.0 and above, but remember to download the latest yowhatsapp update version with full features.

  • YO whatsapp 19.40 apk
  • YO whatsapp 19.30 apk
  • YO whatsapp 19.00 apk
  • YO whatsapp 18.70 apk
  • YO whatsapp 18.60 apk
  • YO whatsapp 18.50 apk
  • YO whatsapp 18.40 apk
Other versions:
  • YO whatsapp 17.80 apk
  • YO whatsapp 17.20 apk
  • YOwhatsapp 17.10 apk
  • YOwhatsapp v17.00 apk
  • YOwhatsapp v17.00 apk
  • YO whatsapp 16.90 apk
  • YOwhatsapp 17.80 apk


Yowhatsapp 17.40 apk download link is provided with 47.62 MB apk size but not recommended while there is a new update available, always make sure to have the latest version of yowhatsapp installed on your devices

YOwhatsapp update 19.50.0 apk YOwhatsapp 2022 update apk

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