How to Edit Telegram Messages on your channel After two days or even a Month

edit post on telegram messenger

No doubt that Telegram now is going rabidly to be the leading messaging application among all social media messengers with much features that can, sometimes, be exclusively on this application before releasing on its rivals such as Whatsapp, Facebook and other messengers.
You can create your own group and invite your close friends and also create channels for whatever purposes, just posting your daily notes or for business promoting for your products.
On your groups and channels you can manage them easily from adding friends as admins, if you have a business channels or you can create telegram bots to manage your channels and groups through these Bots.

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edit telegram post through controllerBot

How to edit channel or group post after posting

In some cases you may mistype your message and push sending it into Telegram channel and after a second you find that this message it shouldn't be sent like this and you want to edit it, actually you can do this on the latest released versions of Telegram apps for Smartphones as well as on desktops but unfortunately this feature is only available for two days after you sent your message so you can edit it within this period..
Hopefully, now you can edit your messages even if you exceeded this period of time limitation even a week or more..

post after editting

To achieve this feature you need to create a Telegram bot that can do this for you. @ControllerBot is of the most used bot for managing telegram channels and groups with much awseome features that every channel owenr would like to have for managing his channel (this is not an affiliate or promotion post for this bot, just sharing).
You can post messages on your channels and groups in markdown/html language, add buttons, add media-musics-images and edit your old messages as well..

To to be able to edit your old messages you need create a telegram bot and you can do that through @BotFather and if you don't know how create a bot you can follow this:
on your telegram account search type @BotFather, start this bt then chose from the list newbot just chose a name for your bot and then in the next step create a username then you will get a HTTP API tocken like this
893114550:AAHLihTWcgRD0aZP1p83UMY1FoxfaP3PrSs copy and paste this tocken to @ControllerBot and remember to add yor new created bot to yourtelegram channel ass and admin and forward a massage from your channel to @ControllerBotor just send its ID orusername and you done..

  • Do not use already used telegram bot with such bots: Chatfuel, Manybot or other
  • To edit telegram message just from menu pres on edit post button and forward your desired messag and also remember not forward message without qoute assome users do becuase this bot will not edit it..
  • Messages that are not created or sent from @ControllerBotor also you may not be ableto edit them..

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