PUBG Mobile 2020 V0.17.0 apk + Obb Data - How To Install the Game On Android Devices

Updated: Mar 26, 2020
latest PUBG Mobile
  • Name: PUBG Mobile
  • apk size: 47.8MB
  • obb data size: 1.61GB
  • last updated: March 03-2020
  • Developer: Tencent Games
  • Required Android: JellyBean 4.3 + up

PUBG Mobile for Android is now gone viral all over the world and every body now is playing this game or the other version PUBG Mobile Lite compatible with low ram devices with high Graphics, though it may not be available for some countries but with the means of VPNs any one can download and play this game.

PUBG mobile, Player unknown's Battle Ground, players to survive they have to fight each other which makes it enjoyable with friends you need to use strategies and skills to eliminate them to be the last one who survive and win the game.

Things that make this game the most fantastic game is its Realistic Graphics and HD Audio with a powerful Unreal Engine 4 making you feel and experience realistic battle scene with the High-quality audio with 3D sound effects.
There are a variety of vehicles, trucks, motorcycles and cars beside boats on your hands to escape all enemies.

To experience a real combat there are a lot of weapons that you can chose , melee weapons, firearms and other lethal weapons.
Setting up your perfect ambush through voice chat with your friends.

All PUBG MOBILE players have a fair gaming environment with powerful anti-cheating mechanisms to make sure getting all the fun and fair environment for all players.

latest pubg mobile official and obb data

New on PUBG Mobile version 0.17.0

-2nd Anniversary is here with an Amusement Park at Evangel!. -Join a match on Evangel for a chance to experience the Amusement Park. -Games and attractions include Shooting Range, Gas weapon Machines, and a Trampoline! -Try out the Reverse Bungee – launch into the air to new heights! Hardcore Mode -No sound prompts and manual actions are required to pick-up and open/close doors, all to give you a more realistic experience.

New Items, Updates and Improvement on PUBG mobile v0.15.0

  • Payload Mode (coming soon)
  • Comes with Helicopter, RPG, Missiles, and more
  • Items:
  • Air Strike Beacon, Vehicle Repair Pack
  • Recall:
  • Revives teammates
  • Updates:
  • Item/Vehicle: Desert Eagle, BDRM-2
  • Vaulting: Improves movement
  • Explosive Barrels: Blow them up to deal damage
  • Survive Till Dawn: Halloween, new human faction & items
  • Graffiti: Spray away!
  • Improvements:
  • Modified weapons & gears
  • Improved fluency, control, power consumption, performance and Lobby UI

PUBG mobile apk and obb data

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PUBG Mobile shooting items

How to Install PUBG Mobile v0.17.0 on Android Devices

PUBG Mobile Game apk comes with obb data file that is required to be installed in its right directory as all games with additional files require this step to be done before playing the game such as Dream league 2018 with obb data or other games like PES revolution 2019 with additional patch file.

Here is how to install PUBG Mobile on your device:
First you download both files, apk and obb data file.
Install PUBG Mobile apk , do not run the game.
Download PUBG Mobile obb data file, unzip it and move this folder com.tencent.ig to its right location
/SDcard/Android/obb/ here on /obb folder to be like this:

How to play PUBG Mobile :
Stable internet connection required..
At least 2G ram..
Android version 5.1 and up..

You may not be able to play this game in your country you may face some issues, you should have a VPN with Philippine or Brazil sever.

Else, you can set up a VPN on your device - PPTP
And also you can get servers on this web site just create your account and copy your account details and on your Android Device;
>> go to Settings
>> Connections
>> More networks
>> Then (VPN) Virtual Private Network..
>> Add a new VPN with your details from server, username and password
you have to create server on Philippine or Brazil ..

Create account on
Set up your vpn with server, username, password and connect

enjoy the game..

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