PUBG KR APK + OBB 2.8.0 (17920) update 2023 latest version

PUBG KR apk obb Data download 2023
  • Name: PUBG KR apk
  • apk version: 2.8.0 (17920)
  • apk size: 87.68 MB
  • Category: pubg kr update
  • Update Status: Latest version
  • last update: 06 September 2023

PUBG KR apk + obb Data File latest update version 2.8.0 (17920)

PUBG KR update 2023 is a online battle Royale genre survival game for android designed by KRAFTON, Inc., recently has a new update released this month, January 2023, though some users reported that encountered some kind of new bug and issues like they can't log in outside Korea and Japan but still get it access via VPN

PUBG kr is a multi-play game, you can play with friends around the glob in team matches to win and be last one standing. the game is comes in a high graphics resolution to give a realistic game-play, in this new update 2.8.0 (17920) the have have produced new features and maps for better experience and enjoyment.

You have pubg mobile kr version download with obb file and apk 2.1.0-16495 (old version) in apk file format supports android device architectures armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a that run on Operating system 4.3 and higher also you can download pubg kr apk only not obb with direct link.

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pubg mobile: PUBG mobile apk + obb file 2.8.0 (17920) new update 2023 latest

pubg kr apk + obb download pubg kr apk + obb 2023 pubg kr apk obb file 2023 pubg kr mobile apk obb pubg mobile kr apk + obb file pubg kr mobile apk obb file pubg kr update 2023 apk obb

New Vehicle Coupe RB
The arrival of the latest 2-seater sports car in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Livik Experience Coupe RB

pubg mobile kr Subscriptions

Subscriptions are available in Prime and Prime Plus.

  1. Once you subscribe to Prime, upgrading to Plus is not an option but you can subscribe to both and enjoy the benefits of both.
  2. Subscriptions are renewed automatically each month. If you cancel subscription, you can’t enjoy the benefits after the next billing date.
  3. A Prime awards 150UC to you and gives one Scrap Package daily and Special Crate Voucher (30UC) and Premium Crate Voucher (30UC) weekly.
  4. A Prime Plus awards 300UC, three of each Crate Coupons. You’ll also get 10UC, one Chicken Medal and 10RP daily plus one Special Crate Voucher (60UC), Premium Crate Voucher (60UC), Special Crate Voucher (100UC) and Premium Crate Voucher (100UC).
  5. You can’t receive daily and weekly rewards if you do not access the game.(For UC rewards, you can get the uncollected UC for up to 5 days. UC rewards expire if not collected before the subscription ends)

pubg mobile kr Automatic subscription renewal

Subscription is automatically renewed and paid through your Google Play Store account. You can cancel it on Account Settings page of Google Play Store.
The same payment method you used to buy the subscription will be used when the subscription renews.
Within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, please check your subscription status.

To cancel subscription
Go to Google Play Store then click "Menu" then "Subscriptions" then Select the subscription and "Cancel subscription"

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PUBG KR update 2023 apk + obb - info:
Namepubg kr
LanguageKorean, Japanese + English
Version2.8.0 (17920)
apk Size87.68 MB
obb file718.23 MB
man obb
Required OS4.3 and higher
Update statuslatest
Last updated06 September 2023
DeveloperKRAFTON, Inc
LicenseFree Download

How to install PUBG KR Update 2023 apk + obb 2.8.0 (17920) latest version

  • First get PUG kr obb file download version 2.8.0 (17920) (compressed file)
  • Extract/unzip file
  • copy/move the main folder com.pubg.krmobile to Android/obb
  • make sure you get the main obb file
  • Your full path should be:
  • Install PUBG-MOBILE-KR_v2.4.0_17105.apk after it is fully downloaded
  • When your installation finished, click to start PUBG Mobile KR
  • Play the Game

How to install pubg kr apk + obb 1.6.0 - old version

  1. Download pubg kr apk + obb 1.6.0 from below
  2. Extract the obb file
  3. move this folder com.pubg.krmobile with all its content,
    it contains the main obb file
  4. Move it to this location on android device Android/obb
  5. Full path, Android/obb/com.pubg.krmobile/
  6. Install apk you have downloaded earlier, PUBG_MOBILE_KR_1.6.0_15522.apk
  7. wait a few seconds while PUBG MOBILE KR is being installed
  8. when installation is completed, launch the game.

pubg mobile kr 1.6.0 features

  • Collaboration Theme Mode: Godzilla vs. Kong
  • Meet the giant monsters from the popular movie on the PUBG battleground
  • Titan Strikes Erangel – Arrival of Godzilla
  • Titan Strikes Sanhok – Arrival of Kong
  • Titan Strikes Livik – Arrival of Mechagodzilla

If you hav already installed this game, the older pbg kr version you can just move pubg kr obb file to android/obb/com.pubg.krmobile and install pubg apk file the latest version 1.6.0 (15522)

Install pubg mobile KR old version

if you decided to download pubg mobile kr version 1.5.0 with obb file, then follow this:

Follow the above steps and move this file to: android/obb directory and your file should reside at this location:
then install pubg kr apk when finished, run the game.

pubg kr apk + obb file download latest 2023 update 2.8.0 (17920)

PUBG Mobile KR latest version is released this week, now you can download apk obb file + apk new update and also download pubg kr apk only not obb file for older version if you want, and download the additional main obb file yourself.

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