App Cloner Premium apk Unlimited Unlocked Pro MOD 2.14.8 (22071413)

App Cloner Premium 2022 Download
App Cloner mod apk Download
  • Name: App Cloner Premium
  • apk version: 2.14.8 (22071413)
  • apk size: 31.63 MB
  • Category: Premium
  • Update Status: Latest version
  • last update: 15 July 2022

App Cloner Premium apk Download 2022 update latest new version

Download App Cloner Apk an updated version for android devices with the ability to make over 20 cloned app which will enable you to have multiple accounts on one android device for one app.

You do not need to download a new app to make a new cloned version, you clone existed apps and install them as new different android apk and then create or add your new or existed accounts, it is not complicated, all are simple and very easy.

With this app cloner apk mod and premium version you can customize your cloned apps by naming them as you like and you can change app icon with any picture or icon you prefer.

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App Cloner Premium apk App Cloner MOD apk Cloner Premium MOD apk App Cloner apk MOD Download App Cloner Premium Download Cloner App Premium apk Cloner MOD Premium apk App Cloner apk Premium Cloner Premium apk
App Cloner Premium apk Download - info:
app Name App Cloner Pro
language English
apk version (22070120))
apk size 31.64 MB
MOD apk v2.13.1
mod apk 47.54 MB
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
last updated 15 July 2022
Android OS 4.1 + higher
app Price Free Download
Developer App Cloner
Google Play Available

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Apps You can not clone with App Cloner

Almost you can clone any android apk, mobile app running on your smartphone wiyh the latest version update 2022 release July, but some apps are excluded and can not make any cloned version of them, here are some of them on the flowing list

  • BBM Enterprise
  • Evernote - Notes Organizer and Daily Planner
  • Grab Driver
  • Kodi media player
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Skype for Business
  • Trello android apk - Organize anything with anyone, anywhere
  • WeChat- messaging and social media android app
  • WhatsApp - free messaging and audio + video calls
  • YouTube

App Cloner Premium apk Features

The free App Cloner app version allows you to use only basic cloning features whereas the premium version allows you to enjoy the full set of premium options, here are some of them:

  • App Cloner can Clone Premium apps includes Instagram, Messenger, Gmail, YouTube, and some other apps
  • You can Create multiple app clones and use batch cloning
  • Save / backup cloned apps
  • Replace launcher icons with other one of your choice

App Cloner MOD apk Features

  • Patched by Team Begal
  • Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load
  • Fabric Crash analytics service removed
  • Manual Data consumption Only (For thumbnails)
  • Anonymous Bug Data Transfer Removed

What is New in Clone App new update version 2.14.8

  • New identity Tasker plug-in
  • Silent mode for SOCKS proxy option
  • Allow disabling manifest cloning compatibility mode
  • New actions for the 'Exit timer' automation option
  • Support for custom Scandit SDK license keys
  • Merged all ad identifier related options into a single option - Change advertising identifiers
  • Identity and tracking option - Hide DNS servers
  • Option 'Change WebView User-Agent' improvements
  • Configure whether or nor to automatically restart the clone when tapping the New identity notification
  • Wear OS option - Swipe to dismiss
  • Allow legacy hooks when creating watch apps on newer Android versions
  • Shortcut to enable legacy hooks option when making watch apps
  • The 'Manage devices' screen shows the device make and model
  • The App Cloner Discord server is now online
  • Several translations updated
  • Bugs fixes

What is in Clone App apk version 2.14.5 (22051818)

  • new Randomize build props option - can use a device database of 10,000 devices
  • Build props option - allows tailoring the device display name
  • Exit timer has been added as a new option.
  • Launch copied apps in batches
  • Menu item improvements for the new identity
  • Set volume on start with a random volume range
  • New Toast Prefix Option
  • New syntax for placeholders
  • Support for placeholders in the choices for Welcome message and Remote welcome message
  • Perform Garbage Collection option has a silent mode.
  • For the System property check option, there is a Copy text button.
  • a new option for cloning Asset files aren't needed.
  • Use file managers to open APK files directly.
  • Custom code is a new option that supports Java on Android 5.0 and higher.
  • Fixes for bugs

What is New in Clone App version 2.14.4

  • App Cloner no longer needs to be running in background for clones to be started
  • Allow disabling the 'Hide SIM and operator info' option when using the 'New identity' option
  • Placeholder support needs to be enabled manually for 'Set text' in the 'Modify views' option
  • Placeholder support for the option - Auto-press buttons
  • Disable heads-up notifications
  • Option 'Show stream / video views on top' allows preventing heads-up notifications
  • Option 'Set volume on start' can be used with mute options
  • Option 'Early hooks' is now supported for Android 7.0 and older
  • Some Bug fixes

What is New in Clone App apk version 2.14.3

  • Updated to the latest version 22.14.3
  • New launcher icon shortcuts
  • Add mute and block actions to notifications
  • Added an Option to Modify views, it offers auto-fill support
  • Added an Option to Modify views which allows changing text color
  • Added an Option to Translate with an input fields
  • Added an Option to add launcher icon shortcuts
  • SOCKS proxy option Improved
  • Auto-press buttons option Improved
  • Show stream and video views option Improved
  • Preferences editor Improved
  • translations updated
  • Some bug fixes

How to download Clone App apk

you can download and install Clone App apk on your android smartphone root devices or none drives, all you need is to enable and activate unknown source on your android setting.

App Cloner apk Download 2022 Pro (Premium)

Download app cloner pro apk + mod, a modified apk file latest version 2022 updated premium pro full function, full features free download for android devices, clone unlimited apk apps, no root required to it with all features ads free on cloner mod apk.

App Cloner Premium Download

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