OGWhatsApp Pro 17.80.0 apk [08 September] 2023 New Update Anti Ban

OGWhatsApp Pro 17.80.0 apk [08 September] 2023 New Update Anti Ban

OG whatsapp New Update 2023

OGwhatsapp Pro apk 17.80.0 is new latest 2023 update is another whatsApp apk mod, this is latest modified version of official whatsapp apk with all its features contained and additional og whatsapp features added to make it the best version for Android users, with capability to have more accounts with different phone number you prefer which can't be found on the official WhatsApp when download it.

Developers created this ogwhatsapp pro 17.80.0 to be run simultaneously with the other whatsapp versions which enables you to have two whatsapp apps or accounts on one device with different phone numbers simultaneously at the same time such as GBwhatsapp Anti-Ban and the other modded version of the official whatsapp app which is most used these days whatsapp plus apk 2023 when you get banned on other whatsapp modes you can use one of these version.

This android application is the most used for free calls and messaging without restriction with unlimited and for free forever with high security. If you have any doubt of being restricted or banned, it is safe you can use OG whatsapp without fear of bans or your phone number being canceled. OGwhatsapp Pro updated to the latest version amd mow available for download for all users wih direct download link on abzinid.com.

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OG WhatsApp 17.80.0 Download 2023 ogwhatsapp pro v8 60 whatsapp og download 2023 update og whatsapp pro apk download OG WhatsApp apk update 2023

OG whatsapp Pro apk 17.80.0 latest 2023 update top features

To be noted, this android application is modded app but have all whatsapp features plus additional missed or not added features on the official whatsapp and this makes it the most popular version that have alt of downloads on internet.

Get more account on your device using OGwhatsapp if you want more, you can use parallel space apk from google play store and have additional accounts on your device.

You can customize theme as you prefer from different type of whatsapp themes even you can create your own theme with high enhanced security. You can decide who will view your status and you can hide it.

Your account will not be banned, with this new update if you are already banned you will have the chance to remove whatsapp phone number ban because OG whatsapp is anti-ban.

A new recently added feature which is more admired by users, Pre-built Message Scheduler by setting sending time for certain message to be sent, hour, day and so on. On normal whatsapp application you can make a call or send a message for users with phone numbers not save on your contact but OGwhatsapp has this feature. You can send images more than ninety image file at once compared to official one which is limited with just 10.

With Inbuilt Whatsapp Locker you can lock your application with different type of lock with no need to install any additional app to lock and secure your messages and files.

You can share files with friends in more than 100MB, always users complain about limited file size when sharing but this now available on OGwhatsapp.

OG whatsapp latest version

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OGwhatsapp apk Download 2023 update - info:
App NameOG whatsapp apk
languageuser language
apk Version17.80.0
Apk file Size69 MB
WhatsApp Base2.23.13.76
Required OS5.0 and up
Update statuslatest version
last updated08 September 2023
LicenseFree Download
Google PlayN/A

new in OGWhatsApp Pro 17.80.0 update 2023

  • Added New Emojis.
  • Added New Launcher Icons.
  • Added New Notification Icons.
  • Added New Changelog Design.
  • Added New Options in Settings.
  • Added You can call Participants in groups.
  • Added Reply Privately when select message in groups.
  • Update Deutschland Translation.
  • Update Spanish Translation.
  • Update Hindi Translation.
  • Update Indonesian Translation.
  • Update Italy Translation.
  • Update Portuguese Translation.
  • Update Russian Translation.
  • Update Turkish Translation.
  • Fixed Added Stickers From Google Play Apps.
  • Fixed Crash when search in themes.

how to install OGwhatsapp pro apk 17.80.0 new version update 2023

It is very easy to install this app if you don't have other version on your smartphone, but some people as we all know now have a whatsapp version already installed.

here is how to install OGwhatsapp on your device:

  • Download OG whatsapp 17.80.0 latest version apk
  • Enable unknown source installation by:
  • Going to setting
  • security
  • install from unknown source
  • Enable this option by choosing OK

If you already have installed official whatsapp, here is how to install OG whatsapp in this case:

  • First you need to make a backup for your chat to do that:
    setting chat Backups.
  • Then remove whatsapp application from your device to do that just go to your application manager and look for whatsapp and uninstall it.
  • On your file manager, whatever file manager you're using just look for whatsapp folder and rename it to OGwhatsapp and all folders inside it to the new name.
  • /SDcard/WhatsApp to /SDcard/OGWhatsApp.
  • Run OGwhatsApp and add your phone number.
  • Complete the process and on restore back, ok restore your chat.
  • All Done..

How to save OGwhatsapp all older chat messages, photo and videos on new update

As we have seen above how to install OGwhatsApp Pro apk, here is a way to install this app with all your previous conversions which may contains your precious photos, videos, messages and files such as PDF, Books and so on.

When you got your whatsapp app uninstalled from your device (all versions, official or mod version) you will lose all chat messages with all content, but you can get them back at the point when you removed this application from your android.
this requires you to make a back-up of your whatsapp chat first before removing the app.
to do so follow this:

  • Open your already installed WhatsApp
  • Go ahead to Settings
  • Then select chat
  • and then chat backup

To restore your previous conversation content When installing your new updated whatsapp do this:

  • enter your phone number after installation completed
  • Follow verification process
  • Then in restore prompt, select yes and process to restore you chat

When install other mod version you need to rename the older whatsapp folder to the new mod version in order to get successful.

OG WhatsApp Pro apk older version:
  • OG whatsapp 19.60 apk
  • OG whatsapp 19.00 apk
  • OG whatsapp 18.80 apk
  • OG whatsapp 18.70 apk
  • OG whatsapp 18.40 apk
  • OG whatsapp 18.30 apk
  • OG whatsapp 15.00 apk
  • OG whatsapp pro 8.90
  • OG whatsapp pro v8.40
  • OGwhatsapp pro v8 60

OG Whatsapp Pro 17.80.0 Download 2023 latest update

OG whatsapp pro v8 60 apk download 2022 is no longer working and now updated to the new OGwhatsapp 17.80.0 apk, you can download the latest version 2023 with direct download link provided below and also an older or previously shared ogwhatsapp apk available. Do not forget to check again how to download and install ogwhatsapp pro latest version for android device without losing conversation.

OG Whatsapp Pro 17.80.0 OGwhatsapp Pro apk 2023 update

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