Updates | New Ant-Ban GBhatsapp Pro latest version 8.10 October 2019 official Base 2.19.216 with new features

New Update:
Updated on : 24 October 2019
GBhatsapp latest version 8.10 Anti-Ban
Version Base 2.19.216
Apk File Size : 52.4 MB

If you are Using the official Whatsapp and only this one, you may miss a lot of awesome features that you can get on GBwhatsapp, a lot of users now using this version of GBwhatsapp pro and whatdapp plus Anti-Ban on their Android Devices and fortunately here is a new update for it the latest version which is version 8.10 last updated 24/10/2019 based on Whatsapp version 2.19.216..

Now this update comes with additional things that you will enjoy after you get this version downloaded and run it on your Device, no matter if you have the official Whatsap on your Device or not you can run them both without any issue and this means that you can run tow accounts on one single Device with more other whatsapp mod versions..

gbwhatsapp new setting optionsgbwhatsapp new settings

Some features

GBwhatsapp add-ons And much more:

you can have add ons for your whatsapp app such as:

  • GBstickers Pack, you can have amazing stickers just go to setting then add-ons.
  • GBstickers Maker, you can create your own..
  • GBwhatsap pCleaner, remove duolicate media and unnecessary data..
  • GBwhatsapp Wallpaper, add wallpares to your chat..
  • Automatic Replay message, this feature can enable you to automate sending messages to your whatsapp chat and you can customize it as you wish ..
  • You can have different themes and also you can do more by customizing your look on chat and groups.
Download GBwhatsapp Pro v8.10

What's New on This Version 8.10

  • New Base Updated to 2.19.2116
  • Improved Anti-Ban (Fix Temporarily Banned Problem)
  • Updated App Translation..
  • Added Status Splitter App To Help You Share Full Video Into Status..
  • Added Option 5.7 And Disable Option 5.6 To Protect You From Getting Banned..
  • Added Support Forum To Help You Get Answers For Your Questions..
  • Fixed Added Stickers From Google Play Apps..
  • Fixed Crash When Open App In Some Devices..
  • Other Many Other Fixes..

GBwhatsapp v8.10 here some new things were added

First of all this one based on the official Whatssapp as I mentioned above with much more features and customization and here is some of what's new added:

  • Added new emojis..
  • New setting design..
  • New launcher icons..
  • New notification icons..
  • New change log design..
  • New setting options..
  • Call participant in group chat..
  • Translation update..
  • Stickers from google play and many other..

and if you want to use Gbwhtsapp and your phone number is used on other app you can make a backp on your device for that number and rename all folders to their new GBwhatsapp folders or move files to GBwhatsapp folders (specially backup folder) ..

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