TextNow premium apk v20.47.0.0 unlocked full version US - Canada free Phone Number

TextNow premium apk v20.47.0.0 unlocked full version US - Canada free Phone Number

Now you can Get unlimited free calls, SMS texts, multimedia messages, and voicemail using latest textnow premium app.
Verify telegram accounts using textnow premium unlocked apk all you need is just create textnow account by sign up with this latest text now premium or use the google play store version (textnow

Textnow whatsapp phone number verification is not fully supported but you can use this application to verify other social media accounts as well without any rejection.
With TextNow Free US Phone Number you don't have to pay any more for your phone calls or sending sms messages now all free and unlimited with no extra fees to pay.

Free US and Canada phone numbers are also free when you sign up for the first time you will have your new free phone number this number can be used as your local phone or a mobile with no charge at all.

Alway phone call are free when users are within USA or Canada beside if you are not a USA resident calls are free when contacting another Textnow users with no fees charged.
This free phone number can be used to verify telegram accounts, verify Paypal and also may be used on whatsapp messenger app

Free Calls and Texts in the US and Canada

Choose your own dedicated local US or Canada phone number.
Make and receive unlimited free phone calls to any phone number in the US and Canada.
Free caller ID and call forwarding.
Send and receive unlimited text and picture messages to the US and Canada for free.

Textnow is not allowed in EU Countries

Some people may try to get this service using vpn app such as Ultrasurf hander vpn and Psyphon Lite, here you should consider this using such handler vpn try not to use a server that located in EU , Europe countries are not supported on textnow service even you are already have account it will be locked when using EU IPs.

How can all these features be free without catch

Actually, there is nothing free on the internet - there may be a rule out there on the internet saying that: ( If you are not paying for a product, then you are the product), Textnow is serving ads on your account dashboard - adsense ads.
If you want to stop seeing there ads, you can migrate to their premium subscription with monthly payment or use textnow premium mod apk latest version with free download link provided below.

Top Textnow Features

  • Make and receive voice calls.
  • Emojis, stickers and Gifs.
  • Full picture messaging : send, receive and save pictures.
  • Voicemail Transcription: transcript of your voicemail.
  • Caller ID.
  • PassCode: keep your messages under lock and key.
  • Google SmartLock: no need to remember your password.
  • Call Forwarding.
  • Signatures: add your own signature to each text.
  • Customizable text-tone, ringtone & vibration.
  • Customizable backgrounds.
  • Assign individual contacts their own ringtone & background.
  • Quick Reply to easily (and quickly) respond to friends.
  • Home screen widget to launch TextNow, compose a new message or quickly make a call.
  • Unified inbox: send and receive your texts directly via TextNow .
  • use TextNow as your one-stop SMS texting app.
  • TextNow.com text from your computer too.
  • All messages seamlessly synchronize with your mobile device.
Textnow Premium apk - info:
Language:user language
Version: v20.47.0.0 apk
Apk Size:80.96MB
Android OS: 5.0 and up
Update status: up to date
Date:December 2020
Developer:TextNow, Inc.
License:Free of charge
Play store link:google play

What is New in textnow new version

Fixed a bug where incoming caller information wasn't visible on notifications while using the 'dark' app theme.
Fixed a bug that failed to mute the microphone during a conference call for all members on the call.
Various performance improvements.

Download Textnow free call and phone number v20.40.0.0 mod apk

To get your new phone and start using it for free call and SMS messaging here is the latest updated version.
Download apk file and install it on your Andrid Device to get all in hand.