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WhatsApp is a free mobile application for unlimited instant messaging widely used around the world owned by the leading social media network, facebook. With this free Whatsapp messenger v2.21.22.5 you have the opportunity to get a lot of paid services for free without paying money, free calls, free public and private chat groups, free sending and receiving multimedia files, photos, videos and other documents.

Every minute there are new users joining whatsApp messenger and also there ar many leaving it for the late whatsapp update v2.21.22.5 which requires any user who uses this mobile application, whatsapp to share account information with Facebook to improve Facebook personalized ads and products experiences.

Many people now depend on whastsapp for their daily use and even business and marketing on all its mod versions Gb whatsapp 17.20 heymods, FM whatsapp, YO whatsappp and whatsapp plus 17.00 heymods so can't leave it.

whatsap status tracker: whatsapp online tracker apk 1.32 latest WaStat update

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whatsapp download apk

whatsapp apk Features

Free of charge: You do not need to provide any payment or any fees for your messaging ad calls wether they local with friends and family or abroad. Whatsapp use only Internet connection to provide these services for free and en you do not need to have a monthly subscription as we have seen on textnow messaging which provides free US Canada phone number beside free messaging and calling within these two countries.

Unlimited messaging:

Yo can send and receive unlimited photos, videos, documents, and Voice Messages to and from any one if your are blocked on that person's contact.

Unlimited free calls around the globe:

With this feature you can make unlimited free phone call with your friends and family even if you do no have their phone number added to your address book, say you are on one public or private chat group. All outgoing and coming calls should be through whatsapp messenger which means you can can't make a call to an emergency call 911, 999 and so on.

All you need is just download whatsapp apk latest version and get it installed on your device login and internet connect or wifi should be available for whatsapp messenger to get access and connected to internet.

Create and join group chat:

You can create your own whatsapp group and invite your close friends and family members to join you there and also you can join other whatsapp groups if you got the invitation link provided to you from the group members or admins.

Free of charge

No payments or any extra fees weekly or monthly all is free and now you can stop using normal SMS or at least use it in a fewer cases or just per need. Local and international messaging and call free.

No username password required:

Whatsapp do not require any username, password or pin code after you have verified your phone number it only use your verified phone number to log you in ad also stayed logged in - but be careful - this feature is your privacy vulnerable if you don't have security lock on your phone, any body who have access or can use your device now see your private messages and all information.

Quickly you can connect with address book contact:

Easily connect with friends and family from your contacts who have already joined whatsapp and start immediately a conversation with them and they are not yet on whatsapp you can send them an invitation SMS with a link to download whatsapp apk new update v2.21.22.5 and join you.

Also whatsapp can automatically synchronize your contact phones and add all your existed or newly added phone numbers to b e available for you and also on whatsapp data base

Whatsapp make it more easy for you and others with its shorter url address, https://wa.me only you need to attach your phone number with your country code provided like this:
https://wa.me/<contry-code><phone-nimber> then share it with other people, when any one clicks this this link he will be on WhatsApp and starting a conversation with you.

whatsapp share wa.me
Update whatsapp apk v2.21.22.5 latest version 2021 - info:
Whatsapp apkDetails
Namewhatsapp messenger
official version2.21.22.5
LanguageSupports 40+
Apk Size47.36 MB
whatsapp official2.21.19.22
Required OS4.0.3 +
Tablet devicesnot supported
Updated statusLatest whatsapp
Last Update22 October 2021
DeveloperWhatsapp Inc
LicenseFree download apk
Google Playavailable

whatsapp disappearing messages

Messages will disappear after seven days if they are sent to chat that have disappearing messages enabled. Messages and media will not disappear from outside the chat or from any devices they are saved on. There are still ways for recipients to save messages like forwarding them or taking a screenshot.

how to know if someone blocked you on whatsapp latest version

It is common to be blocked on whatsapp, but this may be due to your behaver when messaging other people, in the first place do not get blocked by your friends or any whatsapp user, avoid it.

Here is how to know if someone blocked you on whatsapp with this simple signs:
  1. you will no longer see whatsapp last seen for that pearson.
  2. whatsapp online online will no longer be seen.
  3. updated profile photo is not available.
  4. you will see one check mark on sent message all the time even it is delivered.
  5. you can not call any one blocked you on whatsapp.

whatsapp update download apk

update whatsapp apk WhatsApp apk download v2.21.21.14

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