Advanced Download Manager Pro 11.5.6 - Plus MOD apk version - Torrent downloader for android

Advanced Download Manager Pro 11.5.6 - Plus MOD apk version - Torrent downloader for android

The best and fastest internet Download Manager tool that can be used to download files from internet directly into your android device download directory, you can use this tool to download any file type you want, because it support many type of files, from normal images files, videos, apk to torrent file types.

Manage and control your downloads with this android app in ease and no difficulties when using Advanced Download Manager you ill enjoy all its awesome features and build-in fastest ADM browser, so you don't need to use other android browser to surf internet for your preferred files.

This application is free to download free use but some features may locked or not available only you pay money to get unlocked, on Advanced Download Manager mod version there you may may some features unlocked. Modded apk files may come with downside in security and other issues, it is not advisable to use mod versions when you are capable to get features or app on payment, if affordable.

Advanced Download Manager Pro top features

Alway Advanced Download Manager Developer provide new features when available in a new version, so keep your app up to date with the latest version.

  • advanced settings with personalized optimization
  • Customize notifications - download process status
  • Customize and organize files - separated folder for each file type
  • Automatically resume download files if error occurred or connection interrupted
  • Speed up download ith turbo mod
  • build-in mobile app browser - no need to switch to other browser
  • control and manage download processes - pause, restart, cancel
  • Mod version - unlocked - ads free
  • Theme customization
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ADM download manager- info:
App Name:Advanced Download Manager
apk Version:v11.5.6 apk
Apk file Size:41.3 MB
mod apk: 11.3 MB
Update status: up to date
Last updated:December 2020
Supported language:Eng
License:free + ads
Play store: available

What is new on Advanced Download Manager v11.5.6

Quick support chat
Fixed false positives antivirus.
Added ad blocker for Browser.
Added quick options to Left menu of Browser.
Added Right menu to Browser with video list.

How to install Advanced download manger on your device

This application is simple to use and simple to install with no need for advanced step, your normal installation for any android apk

You may need to activate unknown source if not already activated on your device setting.

advanced download manager download link editor

Download Advanced Download Manager Pro apk + mod 11.5.6

Here are download link for this android app apk and mod version, free download

ADM Manger Pro v11.5.6 apk ADM Manger Pro v11.5.6 Mod ADM Manger Pro Previous Version ADM Manger Pro v11.0.0 apk ADM Manger Pro v11.0.0 Mod ADM Manger Pro v11.0.0 Arm64 On Google Play