Latest Lucky Patcher apk 9.4.0 full mod for Android update

Latest Lucky Patcher apk 9.4.0 full mod for Android update

New Lucky Patcher updated with custom patches to remove ads and license verification from paid android Games and apps, Root access permission for best performance. With mod version you have additional functions enabled and unlocked.

Sometimes you may download and you want to play your favorite android game on your smartphone without annoying ads and get premium features unlocked, you did some Google searches for modified game and you may not find it anywhere so here with this android tool you can do this job yourself.

The most popular Android apps and game contains in-app purchase and a lot ads that their developers inserted in them in order to get money and this is one reason why from time to time there's an new releases for some apps even if there's just a miner modification.

Now you can modify any android paid apps that are running on your device with or without any programming knowledge with this simple application lucky patcher which is almost any android user should have installed on his Smartphone.

Lucky patcher can do a lot jobs through custom patch, you can remove licence verification from apps and Games to get the paid features for free, disable in-app=purchase, disable and app permissions, remove ads when using this simple easy to use tool with custom patch scripts. It already has patches that are updated regularly to suite any suitable Android games and new update.

What you can get with lucky patcher?

The meager benefit of lucky patcher that makes it the popular Android mod app these days among all other tools is that you can get unlimited coins, gems, golds and some other resources that have been locked by developers to be unlocked and available for free.

You can remove also almost any annoying ads within any application you want if it contains ads such as Google ads an others with some patches precisely created for this, to remove ads from apps and games

Paid apps can be modified with lucky patcher mod app, so you can get paid apps easily for free without paying money, because this app has a custom patch for this purpose.

lucky patcher custom patch tool

lucky patcher v9.4.0 features:

When using lucky patcher you can make more jobs on your Android device with full root permission access granted to this application, here some of the most popular used features in addition to the above mentioned.

Move internal apps

For users with low device internal memory, with lucky patcher can make some apps movable to external SDcard to free-up some space.

Making important Back ups and Restores

Taking a backup for your important files easy can be done with lucky patcher and can be restored back at any time.

Clone Android apps to get more accounts

You can make tow copies or more for one single app on your device and this can be very helpful for creating multi-accounts such as Facebook as on Facebook lite you can see how to do that on this post clone one Android app with tow different signature.

Modify Android System apps

You can convert or even uninstall pre-installed systems apps or make them a user apps and vice versa.

Take control over Pre-installed Android apps

You can have full control over your apps such as freezing apps that you rarely use in order to free you ram and also avoid battery drains and device heats.

Some Android apps comes with additional permissions that they are probably not in need, you can control these permissions to be granted for this app or not even you can disable them altogether.

lucky patcher in-app purchase
How to use lucky patcher in summary:
Open the Lucky Patcher app and just wait for apps to be loaded and then press on your desired app,
a set of options will will show up now you can chose your desired option as you want and run it.
Use "set enforce 0" at start Lucky Patcher for correct work with system files
Add filter to permission dialogs
Update custom patches
Update translations


Root permission is required to get the full function of lucky patcher app which is recommended for getting process successful and also to get the most of it, if you don't have root access you can see how to root your Android Device without computer and also you can use lucky patcher with no root access but limited features,
so Enjoy using this tool

Download lucky patcher Mod apk 9.4.0

Lucky patcher latest apk, App Package for Android, this tool is removed from Google play store years ago, so now it is no longer available there at this moment.

SB Game Hacker - info:
App Name:SB Game Hacker
apk version:v9.4.0 apk
Apk Size:9.2 MB
MOD apk Size:5.8 MB
MOD versions:v9.3.8
Required Android:4.0 +
Update status: up to date
Last Update:Recently
License:Free to Download
Play stor:N/A

Whats is New on lucky patcher apk 9.4.0

Updated to the latest version
Fix android patches for android 10
Use set enforce to zero at the beginning for proper paintings with device documents.
Add filter out to permissions dialogs
Update custom patches.
Update translations;
Bugs fixed