Download NapsternetV vpn 5.5 42 apk + configuration files for free internet

NapsternetV configuration files free internet

Browse unlimited free internet privately and securely on this latest vpn napsternetv apk V2ray v5.5 42 for android with this latest update NapsternetV configuration files, this vpn is similar to http injector V2Ray proxy vpn it uses the same v2ray with different configuration setting. Now using this vpn you can create your own configuration files or use other config files created by other users to browse free internet sometimes with no fees.

It is developed by NapsternetLab with the ability to connect through shadowsocks and socks with some configuration already set in setting. It is widely used in many different countries, Uganda, Nigeria, Angola, South Africa on different SIM cards, MTN, Airtel, Globe and many other (ISP) - internet service providers. this V2ray vpn can be customized per your need or use the default configuration if worked for you without any without errors.

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napsternetv apk V2ray vpn features

  • Used for free internet
  • Support custom configuration
  • support import other people config files
  • support export your configured file to share with others
  • free to use - no subscription
  • Bad thing ! - contains ads
napsternetv apk - info:
App Name:NapsternetV V2ray vpn Client
apk Version:5.5 45 apk
V2ray core:lib v23 core v4.33.0
Apk Size:32.2 MB
Language:English +
Required Android:4.1 and above
Update status: Latest version
Last Updated:March 2021
License:Free to use
Google Play:Available

Napsternetv configuration files for free internet

Now many users with this vpn apk with special setting can get free internet access in many countries philippines, Nigeria, zimbabwe, Kenya and others by using Napsternetv configuration file created by their own selfies or some developers. We shared some files below you can check them, configs are on japanese and usa server location. For Globe and Tm No Load, but we do not grantee 100% it will work for every body.

These configuration files credit is belong to its creator, we just share them for our users, we do not create or own them.

How to install napsternetv apk v2ray vpn

Download and install apk file with the fastest internet download manager or use your proffered one.

Look for your default download folder, in all devices is set to Download otherwise you can see where it is downloaded by looking into your download manger or browser setting.

Click ojn the apk file to install as normal apk file installation omn any android device, you may need to activate Unknown source to allow yo8ur device to install this apk package if not already enabled or activated.

After you successfully installed apk file on your device you will be able to use the vpn to browse internet with any napsternetv configuration files for free internet.

What is new on NapsternetV VPN apk

  • Updated to the latest version 5.5
  • Added Vpn Tethering
  • Set the app to show all configs in device
  • Fixed multiple selection of different configs at once
  • problem where non-locked configs couldn't be edited is now fixed
  • support only android 5.1 + higher
  • .npv config files deprecated
  • config files upgraded to .npv2
  • some reported bugs are fixed
  • enhancement and improvements in new napsternetV
  • Devices run below 5.0 are longer supported

napsternetv configuration files + download apk

here are links to download this vpn apk file for android devices with 5.1 OS and higher. in this new updated version android devices below 5 can not use this version but we have an older supported version link withy version 5.0 41.

We also added Napsternetv configuration files download link for mtn free internet NG on android devices. files last updated on march 07 2021 and march 14 2021.

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