Http injector vpn ssh proxy unblock restriction import export ehi config file

Http injector vpn ssh proxy unblock restriction import export ehi config file

Http injector is a ssh vpn proxy almost used with ehi config file to get access to blocked websites due to geo restriction by hiding your real IP address and substituting it with another provided in ssh server account when created in some websites such as, and similar web sites. Unlock all blocked website when encountered with such blocking (this this service is not allowed in your country) or similar.

Http injector needs certain configuration as we have that on how to create http injector payload and also may require ssh account to create on third-party websites beside remote proxy ip to get full internet access.

This vpn app is widely used in Nigeria, Brazil, Philippine, South Africa and other countries, the thing that makes it gains this popularity is that some people get free internet access on some SIM data packages provided for free.

HTTP Injector- info:
App Name:HTTP Injector SSH Proxy VPN
apk Version:v5.0.9apk
Apk file Size:11 MB
Package Name:com.evozi.injector
Required Android:4.1 +
Update status: up to date
Last Updated:day ago
License:Free of charge
Play store link:Jump down

Http injector ssh proxy vpn top features

By using this android app http injector ssh proxy vpn you may need to give it some required app permissions before it is fully installed on your android device and all http injector features available for you which are:

  • Your internet connection is encrypted and no one can know real ip address.
  • You can use a custom DNS other than that provided by your ISP, google DNS or cloudflare DNS
  • With Build in Shadowsocks you can use http injector without payload or ssh server account
  • Data compression is available to speed up your internet connection
  • You can share your internet with other people with wifi hotspot (root access not required)
  • You have the ability to encrypt your ehi config file when saved
  • You can provide a custom message on your ehi config file for other users
  • You can set an expire date for your saved .ehi config

How to import ehi config file on http injector vpn

When you are using http injector you may find a lot of created ehi config file uploaded on telegram, facebook or other social media platforms.

The easiest way is as simple as this, download ehi config then press this file when prompted chose http injector and click start to connect also you can do it as below:

  • Download your desired ehi config file
  • Open http injector vpn
  • on top-left corner there are three dots, click them
  • next, click on Config
  • Then Import Config
  • On your SDCard navigate to ehi config location and chose your file
  • your downloaded ehi config file imported successfully
  • Now click start to connect
  • All Done
import http injector ehi config file import ehi config http injector

How to export ehi config file on http injector ssh proxy vpn

Exporting http injector configuration file is similar to to above if you follow the to import ehi config file, here here on Import Config you should click on export intead and follow all next steps:

  • After creating your ehi conf file
  • on top-left corner there are three dots
  • next, click on Config
  • Then export Config
  • Provide your desired name
  • on export config option: tick on ssh
  • on security/locking option: tick the tow provide option
  • Provide your message for other people to see when using your ehi config file if necessary
  • Next click on red the floating button and save
  • All Done
iexport http injector ehi config file export ehi config file http injector

How to install http injector on Android

To install this apk file on your device there are no more requirement needed further than the normal installation of any other android apk file. but you need to activate install apps from sources other than google play store this can be can different from android device to the other.

On Smartphone mobile device main menu navigate to: >> settings
>> then lock for security option
>> then click on Unknown sources
>> on prompt click ok
>> then install http injector apk

Download http injector apk 5.0.9

The latest version for this vpn application provide below with direct download link, if the apk we have provided on link is compatible with your device you can try to download this http injector from google play store link below.