How to Create HTTP Injector Ehi Config File That Works Perfectly

How to Create HTTP Injector Ehi Config File That Works Perfectly

After complete reading this tutorial you will learn the following:

  • How to Create Ehi Config File
  • How to Create HTTP Injector Payload
  • How to Create SSH Account for HTTP Injector VPN
  • How to Get Remote Proxy IP
  • How to Import HTTP Injector Ehi Config File
  • How to Export HTTP Injector Ehi Config

HTTP Injector vpn 6.0.0 (198) the most used android application to browse free Internet bypass the blocked boundaries on the Internet on all over the world, this application widely used and most known ssh vpn app on south Africa, Brazil, Zambia, India and many other countries around the Globe.

http Injector can only be used with certain configuration if you want the best result and full function, but not every one knows how to create http injector ehi config file to get free internet access using ssh account. You can use http injector without Payload with just the built-in shadowsocks with a custom setting.

Almost many people use already created ehi config files and when try to create their own .ehi config files they failed, we already shared previous ehi opener apk on a post to unlock ehi config files with different versions for those who do not know how to create http injector config file.

http injector config files can be used with many SIM cards Mtn, TNT, Vdafone, Flow, Airtel and so many others. We also shared MTN ehi config file with ssh servers on US and Canada you can check them, we are not sure if they are still working or not, you can give them a try.

Why using http injector ssh vpn

This ssh proxy vpn app has many useful features which make it gain this popularity amongst all other vpn applications here is some of them:

  • You can hide your real ip address
  • Browse internet anonymously
  • Unblock Geo restricted websites and content
  • Speed up your internet connection on mobile data
  • Bypass ISP (internet service provider) internet throttle and data bandwidth
  • Change DNS address using google DNS, Open DNS or Cloudflare DNS
  • Integrate it with other vpn app
  • There are many other features not included here..

Bedside those above features http injector is very easy to use compared to some other similar vpn, with just importing ehi config file then start this http injector and you are ready to go anonymously with its all benefits.

create your own http injector ehi config

Creating http injector on mobile is similar to create http injector config on Pc with just minor differences in steps and configuration as we have seen in the tutorials we posted earlier.

when you get your own ehi config file that means you are free to use whatever server you want and whatever config file validity, three days ehi config, one week ehi config, one month ehi config file or even ehi config with lifetime ssh account. Before diving into creating http injector config file you have to know what thing you need, here are some:

Http Injector ssh proxy vpn is free to use and free to download on any android device supported, on rooted and none rooted devices it works on all, download http injector from the link provided above.

We have collected a list of fast free lifetime ssh accounts stable and ready for use with seven days, one month ssh account providers. SSH accounts can be created on many website that provide this service so you can create premium account with Eu server location on, and premium ssh account on website for free.

ssh account crated on

Fastssh SSH server account now is expired, it was created in 2020 and we are updating this http Injector tutorial in the new year 2021, and since you are know how to create your ehi config file you create your account.

Your Username has been
successfully created !

Host IP Address :
Username SSH :
Password SSH : 1

Remote Squid Proxy:

Date Created : 30-July-2020
Date Expired : 06-August-2020

http injector ssh account

Some http injector configuration may require a remote proxy (squid proxy) in order to get your ehi config file works perfectly and your http injector connected successfully, if you want you can get squid proxies from the same site where you created ssh server account. Also remote squid Proxy can be found for free on many websites and the most popular and most updated regularly are from which we have used our proxy for this tutorial and more can be found the internet by searching for squid proxy ip.

remote proxy list spy one remote proxy ip list

How to create http injector ehi config file on Android

If you have an older working ehi config file you can unlock it and see how it has been created by following this steps on how to unlock ehi config file with ehi opener apk to decrypt ssh server, remote proxy and payload. If you can not unlock already created file you can create a new one in a few steps and you will get your new http injector config file created and connected successfully on you mobile data or wifi share.

Steps to create http injector ehi config

Download and install latest http injector apk 6.0.0 (198)
Create ssh server on above proved links
copy your account details as you have seen ours from

  • ssh host server + IP address
  • your username
  • your password

You need a remote squid proxy to get this config works properly. Go to on above link or you can check free squid proxy list to get your desired proxy OP and port. We used this proxy and port from
Remote Squid Proxy:

Now open your http injector to create your payload:
Go to payload generator on left menu
click on Payload Generator
then tick the options showed in the screenshot below
now Generate payload.

create http injector payload http create http injector payload http 2

The generated http injector payload should be something like this one:

opened payload http injector

CONNECT [host_port] HTTP/1.1[crlf][crlf]PUT [protocol][crlf]Host:[crlf]X-Online-Host:[crlf]Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf]CONNECT [host_port] [protocol][crlf][crlf]

In the next step provide your remote proxy which you have already copied from Hidemy name proxy and port then save. Next connect your mobile data or wifi then click start to get new configuration connected..

http injector remote proxy

Here we have successfully created http injector config file on screenshot up-next you see that it is connected.

http injector connected connected http injector on notification

Now by following the above steps you can create http injector ehi config file on the latest http injector app and your ehi config can be used and shared with friends. If you want to save this ehi config file and share it with other people you can do that by following these steps:

Steps to save ehi config file on Sdcard memory

To save your created http injector configuration and send it as .ehi config file to any body, on telegram, facebook, whatsapp or else, you can follow what illustrated on screenshot or follow this:

  • click on three white dots on the top-right corner
  • then select - config
  • Then, select Export config
  • on the next page, give your config file a name and tick SSH

On security/locking you can chose wether to lock your new config file details or make it open for every one will use it which makes all content available, your new created payload your ssh server account, your remote proxy all of them will be open or you can chose lock all options below and you can provide a message for whoever load you ehi config then save yor ehi config file and share it.

save http injector ehi file save http injector ehi file

Final Word

Now you see that you can create http injector config file with above steps, by creating http injector payload, sh server account and remote proxy. There;s an optional choice when connecting to your http injector with mobile data or wifi, you can use Google DNS or provide you custom DNS or just leave that option as it is to use your default ISP DNS.

Some times you may not select a working remote and your http injector will not connect as it is expected, so just try check the proxy before using it on proxy checker.

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