List of Free Fast SSH account providers, ssh 7-30 days + SSH lifetime accounts

List of Free Fast SSH account providers, ssh 7-30 days + SSH lifetime accounts

Most of us when trying to hide our location or changing our IP address to unblock some services on Internet that's blocked in our country we a vpn but a lot of us use http injector with some ehi configs, so we must need ssh tunneling account for sure, however, this is not always necessary for example if we want to use http injector as DNS changer or with a shadowsocks.

There are many websites on the internet provide this free service with fast premium ssh accounts creating valid three, five, seven or even more than one month all for - some of them required paying money. ssh vpn and DNS

The most popular website for creating ssh tunneling accounts and vpn free and premium. RRecommended for creating http injector config files.
Ehi files created with servers from fastssh considered to be the best especially those servers on Europe.
You may try a lot of website that provide services like this but for sure you will come back to this web site. ssh servers:

On fastsssh Each account valid for 3 days but you can create another account which is not recommended. Ssh account is only allowed maximum two multi-bitvise, and your connection will be automatically disconnect from the server if more than one connection detected and they recommend using single bitvise per connection.

fastssh servers provides:

  1. SSH Server in Asia
  2. SSH Server in Europe
  3. SSH Server in North America
  4. SSH Server in South America
  5. SSH Server in Africa
  6. SSH Server in Oceania

Fastssh uses captcha which sometimes annoying, when you want to create an account for seven days, by default account created for three days, but you have an option on you left when to chose your server (Create account for 1 week) and follow the rest steps.

Anonytun Pro apk: Download Anonytun Pro apk 13.1-131 latest version Full Mod APK

Droid vpn apk: Droid vpn mod apk 2021 update unlocked features ssh accounts

This one also provides ssh tunneling accounts for free and free VPN accounts too. Use ciscossh to create an ssh account on different servers

You can create one account per day for SSH Server and vpn valid for three or seven days as per your need. If you concern for your protection and privacy by not only hiding your location and unblocking web site you can use one of their sh servers which will allow you to choose your preferred location around the world. They claim their servers with infinite bandwidth and speed and unlimited.

On ciscossh have an options to create an accounts with validity of one month but some users reported that connection will drop down after few hours with no clear reasons.

Ssh tunneling servers on Ciscossh

  1. Singapore
  2. Great Britain
  3. Netherlands
  4. United States
  5. some other servers available.

Also one month accounts available on above mentioned servers with Bypass ReCaptcha.

create ssh account on portssh

Portssh provides free Premium SSH Account and vpn for seven days with several located in many different countries in Asian continent, america, europe and australia.

Each country has different access speeds according to location of users. It is preferred for some users because this web site doesn't have Captcha challenge when creating ssh and vpn account.

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Updated ehi configs: New ! HTTP Injector Payload [MTN] With USA Server Valid For 30 Days | Updated

ssh accounts on servers

Speedssh as the above web sites provides Premium Account SSH Server free Full Speed With Best Quality Servers. Also provides a paid services for their users, you can use or create your account for one week or one month.

SSH SERVER, SSL/TLS SERVER, SSH X-TRA SERVER and SSH MONTHLY with 100 limited accounts per day based on continents The good thing on this web site for those who do not like Captcha challenge Speedssh does not use it which makes it easer to create your account.

30 days one month premium ssh accounts for free

Another ssh servers are for one month 30 days all free premium accounts are here on these web sites, almost ehi config files are created using ssh servers from them used for long term especially on sshkit because you renew your account before it expires that means you can do that at any time by extended validity or even changing the server if face any speed issues or connectivity.

  1. Gmail account needed.
  2. email not required.
  3. email not required

SSH Lifetime Account and Unlimited

If creating ssh account regularly is annoying you, here are free ssh lifetime accounts for free with unlimited bandwidth. lifetime ssh account

  • ssh
  • ssh Password :
  • OpenSSH Port: 22, 143
  • DropBear Port: 443
  • Squid proxy ip: see fastssh squid proxy list
  • Squid Port: 8080, 80, 3128

ssh lifetime account on

  • Server Host:
  • ssh Username: lifetime
  • ssh Password: 123456
  • SSH Port: 80, 443, 143
  • Squid proxy port : 2000, 3128
  • Squid proxy ip : select yours from any squid proxy provider

ssh lifetime account on

  • Server Host:
  • ssh Username:
  • ssh Password:
  • SSH port: 80, 443, 43
  • Squid proxy port: 8080, 3128
  • squid proxy ip/host:

ssh lifetime account on

  • Server Host:
  • ssh Username: jagoanssh
  • ssh Password: jagoanssh
  • Dropbear port: 80, 777
  • SSL Port: 443
  • Openssh: 22, 143
  • Squid ip/host:

ssh lifetime account on

  • Server Host:
  • IP address:
  • ssh Username:
  • ssh Password:
  • port: 22, 443, 80
  • Squid proxy: See proxy list
  • Server Host:
  • IP address:
  • ssh Username:
  • ssh Password:
  • ssh port: 22, 443

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Other ssh tunneling servers and free ssh accounts providers

Hre are more ssh providers with free premium ssh accounts 7 days and other.


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