how to unlock kpn rev config files ktr with kpn rev opener

how to unlock kpn rev config files ktr with kpn rev opener

To open ktr config file you need this:

  1. ktr opener
  2. kpn tunnel revolution vpn
  3. xposed installer
  4. root access
  5. ktr config file (locked file)

Many people are now using kpn tunnel revolution to browse free internet on their smartphones (paid/free) with config files that already created by other people , why that? because they might not know how to create their own config files or they might not know the suitable HOST and Remote proxies.

Even they may know how or from where to bring such little information to create their files, but it is easy with this kpn rev opener tool.

So if you are one of those people who use kpn tunnel Revolution with locked configs files or kpn tunnel vpn now you have the chance to create your own files with no need to search for new HOSTs or Remote proxies, all you need as we have stated above, this xposed module tool and a working ktr config file (make sure it's working config file) you can use this ktr opener to unlock the config file and see how this configuration file is created.

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ktr.locked.file ktr open config fle

why Xposed installer and root access needed?

xposed installer apk

To be able to use ktr opener on your smartphone and start unlocking ktr files you need to have root access on your phone you can this features or root access privilege without Computer or you will not get benefits of this app.

Root access is required to install xposed installer firmware and this one required to make ktr opener activated and runs correctly because it comes as xposed module.

How to unlock ktr config files with ktr opener

After you have downloaded these two apps on your phone, ktr opener and xposed installer follow these steps:

if you already have installed xposed installer you may not need this instructions.

  • start xposed installer
  • press install/update
  • a popup root access appears
  • give permission
  • (reboot) leave it later
  • activate ktr opener by ticking it.
  • Now reboot your device

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Open your kpn tunnel revolution vpn and import your desired file from your SDcard or if you're already on the file you can run it by pressing on the file and yes import.

You will see all content unlocked an visible for you ..payload, remote proxy an you can press on start for a few seconds a popup with all content appears now you can copy whatever you want.

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