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  • Name: KPNTunnel Revolution VPN
  • apk version: 1.4 Stable
  • apk size: 2 MB
  • Category: Configuration File
  • Update Status: Latest version
  • last update: 06 July 2022

kpn Tunnel apk Revolution Download Official version for Android

KPNTunnel Revolution the official version 1.4 is similar to kpn tunnel apk you can bypass geo restricted content by changing your real ip address by a different one. KPNTunnel Revolutionworks on android devices with custom configuration file, you can create your own configuration by yoursels or you can download kpn tunnel config file created by other users.

No matter wether you hove rooted device on none, you can Download KPNTunnel Revolution apk official version without any problem or any issues, root access may only be need if you want to share your mobile vpn internet with other device, mobile or desktop. To make your connection more secure, developers have added SSL/TLS connection secure method to use SSH Tunnel over SSL/TLS.

Now, many people extend kpn Tunnel Rev functionality further more to get or access free internet with no fees with some well created kpn Tunnel Revolution config file, we have shared some kpn tunnel config file for free internet on some of our previous posts on website, you can check them back and see if those config files works for you.

If you get ktr config file you can use this too to unlock it with ktr opener - kptn config opener to get ssh server host/IP, Password, username and remote proxy beside ktr config payload with all its content unlocked.

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KPN Tunnel Rev Official Download apk - info:
NameKPNTunnel Rev Official
version1.4 Stable
size2.36 MB
Required OS4.0 +
vpn TetherSupported
Updated statusLatest version
Last Updated06 July 2022
DeveloperNoobz-ID Software
LicenseFree vpn Download
Google Playavailable

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KPN Tunnel Rev Official Features?

  • Direct Proxy: Tunneling through SSH Tunnel Directly to SSH Server
  • Direct SSL/TLS: Tunneling through SSH Tunnel Directly to SSH Server over SSL/TLS Connection
  • HTTP Proxy: Tunneling through SSH Tunnel over HTTP Proxy
  • SSL/TLS Proxy - HTTP Proxy.
  • Tunneling through SSH Tunnel with TLS/SSL over HTTP Proxy.
  • Tunneling through SSH Tunnel over SSL/TLS Proxy.
  • VPN Tether - bypass all Hotspot Tether through Vpn Interface (root access required)
  • many more featutes.

How to import kpn tunnel rev config file

If you do not create your own kpn tunnel rev config file you have downloaded it from some where, to make it run on kpn tunnel rev and get connected, just click that config you have download

To import a new file file your device memory, click on the three dots up right on main kpn tunnel screen, then select config options, then click on import and then navigate to your config file location to import your file.

How to Export kpn tunnel rev config file

If you have created your working kpn tunnel config file and you want share it with other people, you can follow th4e above stepos and on config options select Export, now you many options, you can make your config open for any one who can use it with ssh server ip/host, usernme, password, remote proxy available and not encrypted or you can can lock all that info snd even you can set it to expire on certain future time.

KPN Tunnel Rev SSH and SSL Server Requirement:

  • If use TLS/SSL mode you must be install and setup the stunnel library.
  • You can get the original stunnel library in
  • In Proxy Type Mode, Direct TLS/SSL and TLS/SSL Proxy, HTTP Proxy, setup stunnel to connect with ssh (dropbear/openssh) server port.
  • In Proxy Type Mode, TLS/SSL Proxy, setup stunnel to connect with squid port.
  • Enable all TLS and SSL protocol version for support with android 4.0 until newer

What is new in KPN Tunnel Rev Official 1.4 Stable new update?

  • Fixed Main Thread Safe.
  • Fixed Interface Callback.
  • Show task on Recent App.
  • Fixed Minor Bugs and more
  • Data safety
KPNTunnel Revolution Download apk

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