New Kpn tunnel apk latest version 3.0.4 for android devices

New Kpn tunnel apk latest version 3.0.4 for android devices

New kpn tunnel vpn 3.0.4 apk for android devices, browse Internet free and anonymously without any restriction, no more blocked content o the Internet when using this ssh tunneling vpn.

Kpn tunnel vpn is used with config files similar to http injector ssh proxy vpn that uses ehi config files but this one, kpn tunnel, uses a a configuration file with .ktc extension, importing and exporting configs on this application is alo same as http injector

On previous post we shared free internet on mtn NG kpn tunnel config files USA and Canada servers, ssh servers are valid for one month, but make sure ktc config files are still valid and working if you go back to check them.
Another usefull tool if you can create kpn tunnel config file, you can use kpn config opener apk and unlock all your config files and get payload, remote proxy and ssh server account (username and password)

kpn tunnel apk ssh host
KPN tunnel vpn - info:
app Name:Official KPN Tunnel
app Version:v3.0.4 apk
Apk file Size:3.0 MB
Android Required:4.0 up
Last Updated:Recently
Developer:Noobz-ID Software
Play store:available

Also we have:
List of Free SSH Tunneling account for ehi configs | 7 30 days plus lifetime accounts

kpn tunnel vpn connected ssh tunneling

Kpn tunnel features

Before using this vpn apk you should read app permissions that required and given to this vpn app, over your android devices

Whe using this app you have the complete access to all kp tunnel features without restrictions

Here are some features:

  • You can create your own payload by using payload generator
  • Custom DNS, google DNS, Open DNS, cloudflare DNS
  • You have the possibility to use TCP, UDP Protocols
  • Yuo can use it with squid proxy or without proxy
  • You can use it with direct connect with oly ssh tunnel account
  • You can share your Internet data through Wifi by using Wifi tethering
  • You can use other user's .ktc configs by Importing them
  • You can share your .ktc config, export to save you configs then share them.

How to install kpn tunnel on your android device

Simply, download apk file from the lik provided.
Locate where downloaded is reside.
click apk file to install the app.
if Unknwn sources not enabled on your Device, you may need to make sure this option is already enabled.