How to use spark vpn to browse free internet on mtn with paid VPS server | Updated

How to use spark vpn to browse free internet on mtn with paid VPS server | Updated

If you are familiar with MTN cheats as on http injector with ehi configs and also with free internet browsing cheat using kpn tunnel. It will be great and easy for you because you won't encounter any issue to make this process works fine especially if you are already using http injector but this app is most preferred than http injector in connection, speed and stability.

We know that these configs we provided here with paid VPS sever which the better than the normal ssh tunnel server in many aspects in speed, stability and faster in connecting to the Internet and more, you'll see that yourself.

Spark vpn configuration file for mtn sim

Configuring spark vpn for browsing internet it is not so difficult, anybody can do it without any complications or difficulties. you can create your own config with just few steps and if you don't know how to do it we can teach you how to do that step by step in a separate post but for now follow these instructions to make Spark vpn works fine and properly, don't worry it is very easy to follow.

You need your android device and MTN SIM with Mpluse subscription and important thing which is the tool that you'll need to use which is Spark vpn app (and it must be installed already on your device ) and its config file (Paid server, faster and stable) you can choose one two files below or you can download both of them.

TLS Tunnle Config file: TLS Tunnel vpn 5.0.7-360 Free Unlimited Internet + Config File 2023

Napsternetv V2ray vpn: Download NapsternetV vpn 62.0.0 (292) apk + configuration files for free internet

spark_vps_config spark_vpn_setting

How to make spark vpn works with config file import the configuration .svc

Download all files from links below, after installing spark vpn on your device import its mtn config (config 1 or 2 with extension .svc) by clicking on tweak at the top and navigate to the file location or directory and choose it! ( it'll be imported directly to spark vpn) and stick all needed options and remember to use google DNS or OpenDNS but I do prefer open DNS, after that no any further action needed, just press on start (mobile data must be active) and wait a few seconds and Spark vpn will be connected to the internet and you will a key on notification .. now you can enjoy it.

Download New updated Spark vpn configs for mtn

new spark vpn config files

Servers are stable and faster, support wifi share. Spark vpn Download latest apk
New Payload Updated valid 30 days: spark vpn USA Server
Mtn spark config 30 days: spark vpn Canada server
One month sparkvpn config file: United Kingdom server

Files will be updated regularly, come back for latest updates, link in the file.
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