Updated | Latest HTTP Injector – with Ehi Opener unlocker and start to unlock configs

Latest Http injector

Http Injector is a wide spread application among internet users on smartphones and computers which is used to unblock blocked web sites, and a lot of users use it to browse internet anonymously by hiding their real IP address, but some users may not even know what HTTP INJECTOR Is and what it capable to do other than unblocking websites...

Latest HTTP Injector – SSH/Proxy/VPN

By the opening of this new year a new version is being available around and with a new features, very awesome indeed such as connecting HTTP INJECTOR without or with no need for PAYLOAD or SSH tunneling server.

You can see on the previous this tutorial about how to use or connect it to the internet without payload

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Unlock Ehi files with Ehi opener

Some http injector users may not know how to create or configure Http injector files ( Ehi files ) to make it works and accesses internet, and almost they use ehi files which are already created by other users and almost those files are locked, that's good when those files available, and those files are for only a limited time ( a day, three days or a week ) and sometimes they may think HOW THESE FILES are created?.

Hopefully, there's an application can be used to unlock the encryption of EHI FILES and for those who don't know how to create their own EHI file. Now any one can figure out the secret by the means of this application, ehi opener. Also see how to unlock ehi file in the video below.

Download Ehi opener 43 KB from the link below and start to unlock encrypted Ehi files But Ehi opener doesn't work without another application which is Xposed Installer and this one requires ROOT ACCESS(if your device isn't rooted yet, you can Download king Root which is very easy to use and you can use it to ROOT your device and also download Root Checker -link bellow- to check your device root status..)..

locked ehiEhi opener

How to Unlock or Open Ehi files

Just follow this:
Download ehi opener and Xposed Installer and install them on your phone, give xposed intaller ROOT permission, tick/enable ehi opener on modules section, reboot your phone, go ahead to http injector, start the app, select your file thst you want to unlockunlock (the locked file) then press on start button for about three seconds all locked information will showup on popup window.. thst's it..and you are Done.

exposed installer for activating ehi openerxpoed models

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1. HTTP Injector 4.7MB
2. Ehi.opener 43KB

An Other version:

1. http injector 4.7MB click here
2. Ehi Opener 41KB click here
Also you need to download this applications:
Xposed Installer - Android devices 4.0.3 and up:
if you don't have root access you can gain that with this application:
king root Download link
also you may need to check root status via this app:
Root checker