How to Root Your Android Device Without Computer and get root access

How to root your android device when you don't have or possess a personal computer or LapTop.
Many people when tried to install or tried to use an application that requires root permission may find it very difficult to root their android device whereas it's very easy indeed.

when you root your android device you can get full access on your phone and you can do many things on it other than just downloading apps that don't run without root permission ( not recommended for those who don't know what Root is) and it's great and very excellent if you have a computer to root your device, but a lot of users don't have this privilege of possessing PC.

You Can Root your android device without Computer

Now any one, any android user can root his android device or his smartphone with a very easy way by the means of using this app and hopefully this application is available on google play store and other app stores.
With no need to use computer as I stated before, just this application you'll root your android device and how to use this applicaton to root android devices is very simple and it's not so complicated to do it as some users may think.

Rooting Android Devices with Kingroot

Download and install kingroot on your android device You need to activate install from unknown sources on your device and to do it just press setting and go ahead to security and tick unknown sources.

Befor you get into Root Process:

You need your device's battery to be charged if not full at least over 50% because it may need to restart several times during this process.
Also you need internet connection to be available and if there's wi fi connection available it'll be preferable (no money coast) and if not just use your mobile Data, no matter whatever you use.
After installing Kingroot app on your android device, open it and make sure that internet connection is available and just let the app checks your device status, its version, whether it's rooted or whether can be rooted with it or it'll need a computer and so on.

Download Kingroot app

Preceed to root your android device.

kingrootroot showing statusroot your android with kingrootroot

kingroot on sammungkingroot application

kingroot securitykingroot setting

After you get your device rooted you can get full access of your device and can get access to root folders and you can alter whatever you want of files also you can make changes to system or you can delete pre-installed application that you don't actually use and so on , But be cautious of using it...