sedc.vpdn one month ehi config files for http injector and svc for spark vpn

sedc vpdn free internent

Before start using these configs you need to have sedc.vpdn or sedcmms.vpdn user/username for your apn.
A lot of users now use this Android mobile data APN setting sedcmms.vpdn to browse internet with or without http injector ehi config files or with some other vpn applications such as handler VPN, Psiphon handler vpn, ultrasurf handler or other similar vpn apps.
You can browse facebook without using http injector or other vpn but you can't be able to use the facebook app, you can use UC Browser and sometimes it works also on Chrome but not all the the time, you can watch youtube with a reasonable quality with stable sedc user.
using sedc.vpdn or sedcmms.vpdn all are the same no matter what you use, it will work.
It is almost known that any one now using this setting for APN on android after wikipedia and the free portal host stopped to work last year ..
use your own user and your own sedcmms.vpdn setting

how to set sedc.vpdn on mobile data APN, what sedc user that can be used to get internet access without disconnection and how to get your own sedc.vpdn user for yourself will be in a separate post covering it all.

how to import http inector ehi config file

It is easy to import any ehi config that you want to use on http injector and this is if you are not familiar with http injector and you are new to this and I think all people know how to do it..
So here it is..>>>
First get your file >>>
then launch http injector and on top there are three dots up right or left
according to your language >>>
then chose config option and then import..
broswse where your file's folder or location..

Then start..
Don't worry about this log:
STATUS: 404 () Client Error - The client seems to have errored.
this log is just because sometimes sedc vpdn may not be secure for the first connection and it connect , so just wait for it a few seconds

Sedcmms.vpdn ehi config file 2Sedcmms.vpdn ehi config file 1

Sedcmms.vpdn ehi config file 1

sedc.vpdn ehi config for http injector

As I mentioned you can use your sedcmms user to browse internet with no need to any vpn application but if you want to get access to facebook. whatsapp, youtube or even any social media you have to use a vpn or one of these configs specially these days as (the protest and government blocked all social media).

sedc vpdn ehi config files

Sedc.vpdn ehi config files: Expire on 22 June 2019
All these configs support wifi share and reqiures latest http injector versions version 4.5.8..

Download Latest http injector 4.5.8 biuld 108
Sedc ehi one month : ehi Config usa Server
Sedc ehi one month : ehi config Germany server
Sedc ehi one month : Singapore server

sedc vpdn sparkvpn config files .svc

sedc vpdn sparkvpn config

Here is another vpn application widely used among internet users and it can be config to be used for browsing internet with payload, remote proxy and ssh account. Its config file comes with .svc extesion.

How to import sparkvpn config file

If you are using this vpn for the first time and you want to import its config file and don't know how to do that you can follow this..
Go to sparkvpn and start or launch it the press on tweak option located on up screen then browse where your file is downloaded and press to import.. that's it..

Download Spark vpn and SVC cconfig files for Sedc.vpn

Sedc vpdn spark vpn config file:
Download latest version sparkvpn
Sedc one month Sparkvpn : USA config server
Sedc one month Sparkvpn : Germany server
Sedc one month Sparkvpn : Singapore server


Sometimes server maybe low or overloaded, just try to substitute the config with the another one.
if one config dosen't connect, go back to first one and so on..
Changing DNS may make some differences, try to use default ISP DNS at the first time if it works, that'll be great if not try to use one of these Free DNS:
Google DNS -
Open DNS -
Cloudflare -

Level3: -
Verisign: -
Comodo Secure DNS: -
Norton ConnectSafe: -
GreenTeamDNS: -
SafeDNS: -
OpenNIC: -
SmartViper: -

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