Latest http injector lite configs valid 1month plus apk v4.5.2 - sedc vpdn

Latest http injector lite configs valid 1month plus apk v4.5.2 - sedc vpdn

HTTP Injector is widely used for getting free internet all over the Globe with different methods for creating config files, we have created ehi config files for mtn NG on previous posts you can check them back, but not working for sedc.

Now we decided to create a new configs for sedc vpdn users who run http injector lite and have their sedc.vpdn users. http injector lite is anther application for bypassing ISP throttling and unblocking web sites that maybe blocked on some countries or not available for some reasons.

Sedc vpdn users may not get access to internet if just using the APN setting which is free without paying money as all users who have set up their apn with a sedc username and password If you are one of those users you can get http injector Lite config Canada and UK server.

Also you can check latest Sedc http injector and spark vpn configs files created for one month.

sedc-http-injector-liteconfig connection log

sedc vpdn on mobile

By setting up sedc vpd on your Smart-phone you can get free internet access unlimited also you can use it on your PC as well but it may not work and gives you internet access unless you change you IP address and comes the use of these ehi configs.

Some times you get your injector connected but you may see that there's no internet access, almost this because you are using your ISP default DNS and you can change them by setting Google DNS or cloudFlare dns ( you can see some notes on How to Change DNS On Mobile Data To Google DNS, Open DNS Or Cloudflare DNS.

Another vpn handler apps that cn be used for browsing internet with a proper setting ultrasurf, psiphon and netify handler vpn

advanced setting on htp injecor lite http injector latest version-4.5.2

http injector lite configs for one month

Here are tow ehi config files created for one month validity on United Kingdom and Canada servers with high speed and stability.

Note this before using these configs because you may face a problem in connecting if you are new to this zone (sedc vpn) it is simple but if you are familiar, go ahead and chose your file. If http injector not connected Remember to remove proxy and port from your APN Remember to to make DNS set to Google or Cloudflare DNS.

latest ehi config file for http injector LITE - SEDC VPN

we have posted this latest http injector lite v4.5.8 but To run these configs you may need to have this http injector lite v4.5.2 to be installed on your device because configs created on this version may not work on other version.

http injector lite Download apk + config

http injector lite 4.5.8 latest http injector lite 4.5.2 apk ehil config file canada server ehil config file UK server

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