Odin Downloader and Samsung USB Drivers

Odin Downloader

Odin Downloader is a program runs on a Windows computers that can load and flash firmware image files (ROMs) onto Samsung smartphones using USB.

Some Usage of Odin Downloader

When Samsung phone is bricked or stuck on boot , you can use Odin Downloader to flash stock firmware or custom firmware and also you can use it to flash custom recoveries such as CWM/TWRP. You can gain root access by flashing root packages.

Features of Odin Downloader

Flash Stock Firmware

Odin Downloader allows you to flash stock firmware on your Samsung Smartphone and Tablets.
It can be handy to restore the device in its working condition; if it is facing a boot loop issue, application crash issue, or any software related issue.

Flash Custom Firmware

Odin allows you to flash custom firmware (user modified firmware) on the Samsung Smartphone and Tablets.

Flash Recovery File

Besides flashing the complete stock firmware or custom firmware, Odin also allows you to flash the Stock or Custom Recovery on your Samsung Smartphone and Tablets.

Flash Kernels

Odin allows you to flash stock or custom Kernels on your Samsung Smartphone and Tablets to tweak the performance of the device.

Flash Root Package

Odin allows you to flash custom root packages on your Samsung Smartphone and Tablets to achieve Root Access on the Samsung Device.

Please note this:

Be careful when you are using this tool, odin downloader may break your device if not used with caution, wrong command may result in your firmware damage and your device may not work properly

Download latest version:
Odin Downloader v3.11.1
Samsung USB Driver

Samsung USB Drivers

Download Samsung USB Drivers the latest official version from the link below.

Samsung USB Drivers used to make PCs recognize Samsung devices when connected to Commuter , without Samsung drivers your Computer won't recognize your device in case you want to flash stock or custom firmware or just want to exchange files between your Computer and your Samsung device.

The latest Samsung USB driver is supporting widows 7/8/10 whenever you want to connect a new device to your computer with driver your windows recognizes this new device remembers it for future connection unless you uninstall it.

Samsung USB driver supports all samsung device smartphones and tablets all Android devices are compatible with this driver

USB Driver

Download the latest official version:
Samsung USB Drivers

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