How to Connect Http Injector Without Using Payload Or SSH Server

Most of users who use http Injector app use it with Payload and ssh server and also most of them don't know how to create appropriate payload, of course ssh server is not so big problem because it's available on a lot of ssh tunnel server website such as and but the problem is the Payload creating.
A new http injector new version has been launched and comes with a new feature that can be use to connect http injector without the need of using Payload or ssh server or to use it with third app such as finch/openvpn and so comes with sholadowsocks feature though it is in beta but it works fine.

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How to connect http injector through Shadowsocks

To connect http injector to internet using Shadowsocks you need to follow these steps and also you can watch the video in bellow.

Steps to connect http injector using Shadowsocks

First you need to create a free trail account on Shadowtunnelz this website provides you with 12hours valid account for free .
when you there;
-Click on Try now for free  
-chose your shadowsocks encrypted connection password.
-Now on shadowsocks Trail Connection details - copy these:

Shadowsocks tunnel

Now go to Http injector app, open it and press on the three line on the top left.
Chose Shadowsocks Settings.
Fill in the details your copied before;
Server, Remote Port, Password and Chose the Encryption method.
And Press on Tunnel Type and chose:
Tunnrl Type;
Connect via;
-None (Directly)
Save .
and Press Start...
and you will be connected.