New MTN ehi config file HTTP Injector January 2021 super fast ssh server - Latest Updated

New MTN ehi config file HTTP Injector January 2021 super fast ssh server - Latest Updated

Free MTN ehi config file for http injector latest checked and tested this January 2021 working fast with the fastest ssh server with validity of seven days, ssh server account created on with DE Germany ssh server.

Browsing free internet cheat on mtn using spark vpn is still working but here we are sharing a new mtn config file using http injector the latest version and latest ehi config, this config is tested and working very well till this moment if it doesn't work for you then the ssh account may be out of date or ssh server is down.

Things to be noted before using this mtn ehi config 2021 update
It is working with stable connection on MTN as you ca see on screenshot provided when we tested it. This might not work for every one using MTN SIM Card with http injector vpn installed on his droid device. You can give it a try it may work perfectly for you as well and be lucky with no grantee that it will.

The file is uploaded on website, this config file will be updated with a new when its ssh server account expired, be sure to revisit this page again for a new mtn ehi config update. If this config file do not work with you that means either the fastssh account is expired or the HOST which we used to create ehi config file payload is down and stopped working.

new mtn ehi config new mtn ehi config connected on wifi new mtn ehi config connection log

mtn ehi config fastssh account details

Updated ehi config file - seven days ssh account with faster remote proxy.
Server Host Address :
Server IP address :
Username SSH :
Password SSH :
ssh server location: Germany
Created on : 16 January 2021
Expires on : 23 January 2021

We have addeed a second ehi config file with seven days expiration date on different ssh server in Europe, France ssh server ip with additional feature that can help you if you need to edit or change remote squid proxy ip and port with your own in case the provided one is not fast as expected.

Second MTN ehi config file 2021 ssh server account details

Server Host Address :
Server IP Address :
Username SSH :
Password SSH :
ssh server location: France
Created on: 09 January 2021
Expires on : 16 January 2021

second MTN ehi config features:

  • Support wifi share
  • Remote squid proxy ip and port is open- can be edited
  • Can be imported on rooted and none rooted devices
  • Allowed Torrent - unless blocked by server provider
  • Link to get update for ehi config is added

to use Google DNS, tick DNS (Default DNS)

http injector ehi config file mtn 2021

As we know that using mtn ehi config is working only on MTN SIM card and not with any other and only on http injector vpn ssh proxy, for sure it will not work on other vpn like what we have shared on previous http injector lite ehi config file.

What you need for this ehi config:

  • Android smartphone Device
  • MTN sim card
  • MTN Balance - zero (0.00)
  • http injector vpn apk
  • mtn ehi config file 2021
  • links are below

How to use this mtn config on http injector vpn

If you are new to http injector cheats then things may very strange for you at the first time but all are simple, here we will tell you how import ehi config file on http injector vpn in a vey simple easy way.

How to import ehi config file ?:

First you need to download the config from the link provided on below and know where that ehi config file is located.

  • Just click on that downloaded config.
  • on prompt to chose which android app you want to use to open ehi config file
  • Then you should select http injector app.

The file will be opened on your http injector and ready to be connected when your mobile data network is enabled, on http injector just click on Start button.

Also we can import this MTN ehi config to http injector in different way:

  • From below link download ehi mtn config file
  • Go ahead to http injector vpn app
  • Start the app
  • There three dots on the upper right corner, click on them
  • then click on Config
  • The on new config menu select Import config
  • Next you will be o your file manager
  • Navigate to your download directory where ehi mtn config file was downloaded
  • Select your config and click it
  • your fille will processed on http injector in a few seconds
  • Then your mtn ehi config file will be successfully imported o your http inject
  • click start and make sure your mobile data is enabled and you are ready to be connected
  • All Done
mtn ehi config file on http injector import ehi config mtn import ehi config file mtn


Now you downloaded mtn ehi config that tested this month, latest updated config file works fast on http injector. Enjoy your browsing using this ehi config file. To be noted before proceeding to download this mtn config file, ehi is created on http injector version 5.2.4 and it may not work on the latest versions, to run these MTN configs you need to downgrade http injector to version 5.2.4. Good Luck..

To submit your feedback and comments, you can do that on twitter or linkedin through below button.