New MTN cheat for free internet browsing using kpn tunnel with one month USA server | Updated

MTN cheat for browsing internet free is almost known for every one a mong MTN users. This cheat is used on mtn mplus and none mtn mplus users and also with regular mtn subscriber it's capped on 1.2G.
Here on this post you will know how to use this cheat to power up all your apps on your smartphone if you're mplus subscriber because it's not supporting all apps.

to browse free and power all your apps you can use this VPN application which is kpn tunnel. Setting this app to get free internet browsing is not so easy if you're not familiar with such apps including http injector and spark vpn or some other app but down below you find already created config file so you don't need to run on a complicated steps and you don't need to create a file because it's already created and ready to use on USA and Germany servers for 14 days.

0- Kpn tunnel app Download
1- Kpn config on USA Server Validity 14 Days
2- Kpn Config on Germany servers Validity 7 Days (Same file will be Udated)

kpn tunnelmconfig tunnel connected

What you need to get this work blazing fast for you

All things that you need to browse free on this cheat with this VPN Android application is your android smartphone and your MTN SIM and for sure this app with its config file you can Download this app and its config file from link below..

How to import kpn tunnel config file and set up this app to work well

Do this:
Download the app and its config file and go ahead to start kpn tunnel, click on the three dots on to right and press on config then import, now scroll to where your file's been downloaded and press on your config file. If you're using defult android browser or opera you'll find it on SDcard/Download and if you're using UC browser you will fin d your file on UCDownload folder.

Also see this:
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And this on on spark:
How To Use Spark Vpn To Browse Free Internet


No updates for these configs but you can check:
new update for http injector mtn config and mtn sparkvpn config here

New Updated Configs

--- new kpn config files ----
Kpn tunnel vpn Size: 3.0M latest version: Download
New: One month config file USA server faster and stable..
Time left _ Download link
New: One month kpn config file second Payload (different payload)..
Time left _ Download link..


If the app doesn't connect and on logo message you got a text saying:

Failed to starting pdnsd

here you can play on DNS so go ahead to menu and scroll down to Advanced Settings and:
1- Tick this DNS Forwarder and also tick Enable DNS, if you left as it's, defult is google DNS you can change it to OpenDNS (;
2- unTicck DNS Forwarder (the app will use your IPS DNS Server)

If any issue, any requests, any suggestions or any thing don't hesitate, make a comment or _contact us