How to use http injector on your PC and create your own payload and .hpi config file

latest version HTTP Proxy Injector

Many android users use http injector for internet tunneling on their smartphone devices and a lot of them may not know that they can use it on their computers too.

If you have a computer you can use http proxy injector as well as you are using it on your onsmartphone without limitation.

You can use it with already created files or you can create your own files as many users do, and I think it will be great if you do so and create your own file yourself, because you will not be depending on other people to create any file for you and beside that you will have a lot of options and will be free to choose from different option and choices.

why should I create files while I can get them already created by other people

Of course when you create your own file you will be free for sure free choose whatever ssh tunneling server
you want and exactly the fastest one you prefer, and also you will chose your desired remote proxy and the very important thing that you should consider is the host and the ssh tunneling server time expiration (other users or people who will provide you with such files almost expire in three days or seven) and beside that files that has been created by other people sometimes may not fit with your existed HTTP Proxy Injector version even it will not load onto the app.

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Can I create HTTP Proxy Injector file my own self for my PC?

absolutely yes, if you know the steps to create HTTP Proxy Injector files to make it runs properly on your computer without any error messages.

All you need is to have the app installed on your computer and have the file required info or data to create it such as the Host, ssh server account details and the remote proxy and if you have an already created payload it will be better other details very easy to get.

Also put in mind if you have all requirement from payload to remote proxy and ssh tunnel server account up to date you can't create a file unless you know how to do that because http injector on smartphone is different from the PC even if you know how to create a http injector file or ehi file on Smartphone.

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How to create your own file for HTTP Proxy Injector to make it works fine on your PC

To make this app runs perfectly on your computer or PC without any errors you just need to follow these a little bit few steps and you will get your aim and for sure you will enjoy using http proxy injector on your computer as you used to on your smartphone.

Download HTTP Proxy Injector from the link next, the file is in a zip format you need to unzip it or extract it on your PC with whatever tool you use on your computer, it dosen't matter, it will request a password just copy and paste this password a-dev1412 after that install the app and run it.

To set it properly do this:
On injector (a button located on your right hand left to ssh) just tick tunnel and logo (optional) as you can see on the screenshot, on ssh fill in your information and tick bitvise and PF portable also tick auto reconnect at this point all things are done and for payload it may be different from this shown on the screenshot depending on your host but if you have an already created payload it will be great, just paste the text on the blank space on injector and press START.. and now you're ready to browse..

Any Question , any issue, any suggestion please drop it down in a comment or connet me, don hesitate....

how to create http injector payload

how to set ssh tunnel server and remote proxy

encrypted data after http proxy injector connected

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