New ehi Opener for Latest Http injector 4.5.8 (B.102) is it available Now ?

ehi opener version 4.4.0

If you are using http injector with eh files configs that are created by other users, you may see that all files are locked and there's no way to unlock them to see their contents (payload & remote proxy) unless you have ehi opener.

And if you are using ehi opener with the older version of http injector, it's out of date now since a new version released out there and all users are using it now beside all ehi files or configs that has been created on the new version can't be unlocked with the current ehi opener B.74 and even you can't load those config files on you older version..
But Don't worry we will Post it here on this blog ..

We always Provide new config Opener for all apps

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We have posted on our blog in earlier posts a lot of various versions of config opener for several apps such as kpn opener and this version still working on the latest version of kpn tunnel you can go back and see the post.

Another config unlock for Eproxy which is Epro opener we have posted it here on this blog and also we have posted a lot of versions of http injector config file opener and they were posted on time you can see the former version here and also you can see this version ehi opener 0.4.8..
Now we will post the latest version of ehi opener for http injector v4.5.8 build (102) on time Don't miss it..

Latest http injector version 4.5.8 Built 102

As I mentioned above this new version is now available for users but unfortunately all its config files can't be unlocked with the former version of ehi opener, so you need a new version to unlock all your files and get payload and remote proxy ..
Here on this post you will find download links for the new version of http injector...

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Download links

  •   New .. A new version of http injector is available now on this link  :
    latest http injector 4.5.8 Build.102 ..
  •   ehi opener a New version is not available right now however we'll post it here on this blog by updating this Post -Bookmark it on your browser..

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