New ehi Opener for Latest Http injector 5.0.9 Build 127 is it available Now?

New ehi Opener for Latest Http injector 5.0.9 Build 127 is it available Now?

Internet access sometimes maybe restricted for users using normal internet setting provided by ISP, web sites can't be accessed due to Geo restriction or politic reasons, here comes the need for vpns and proxies to bypass this blocking

The leading tool now used to do this is HTTP Injector - SSH/Proxy/VPN precisely amongst all vpns for Android phones, but it requires special configurations to work nicely, some people know to config it perfectly but others may not, and they use http injector config files, ehi config file created by other people.

If you are using http injector with ehi configs files that are created by others, you may see that all files are locked and there's no way to unlock them to see their contents (payload and remote proxy) unless you have the latest ehi opener.

And if you are using ehi opener with the older version of http injector, it's out of date now since a new version released out there and all users are using it now beside that all ehi config files that have been created on the new version can't be unlocked with the current ehi opener B.74 and even you can't load these config files on you older injector version..
But Don't worry we will Post the latestb ehi opener apk here on this blog on time, don't miss it..

We always Provide new config Opener for all apps

http injector, eproxy, kpn tunnel, kpn tunnel Revolution.. etc.. etc
We have posted a lot of various versions of ehi config opener for several versions and also for other apps such as kpn tunnel with kpn opener v0.3 and this version still working on the latest version and also on kpn ultimate you can go back and see the post.

Another config unlock for Eproxy which is epro opener v0.3.6 which we have posted it here on this blog and working fine.

we have posted a lot of other versions of http injector config file opener and they were posted on time you can see the former version ehi opener unlock ehi config and also you can see this version too ehi opener 0.4.8.
Now we will post the latest version of ehi opener for http injector v5.0.9 build 127 on time when it is released..

Latest http injector version 5.0.9 Built 127

As I mentioned above this new version is now available for users but unfortunately all its config files can't be unlocked with the former version of ehi opener, if you have older ehi config file and you want to see its info, you can check above links, so for this new release you need a new version to unlock all your files created on http injector v5.0.9 and get payload and remote proxy plus ssh server and password..
Here on this post you will find download links for the new version of http injector...

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Http injector basic and new features

Now privacy protection on internet comes in hand with this perfect tool because it protects your internet connection with SSH tunnel by altering its output even it doesn't need roo access so rooted or non rooted devices can use this new http injector.

  • it come with payload built in Generator
  • you specify your preferred proxy to use
  • you can custom DNS, Google DNS, Cloudflare DNS
  • add message when encrypting ehi config
  • comes with SSH client (Bitvise)
  • route ip address
  • in-out data is compressed for high speed and bandwidth consumption
  • Safe buttery drain option
  • share internet with Hotspot share
  • stable shadowsocks and now available and SSL tunnel
  • with Drak mod feature
  • support android 11

Download links for http injector latest version

  •   New .. A new version of http injector is available now on this link  :
    latest http injector 5.0.9 Build 127 ..
  •   ehi opener a New version is not available right now however we'll post it here on this post by updating it, -Bookmark it on your browser check it regularly.

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